Caesar would have been proud

Alicia Ball, Latin Club Adviser

On April 21-22, 17 CHS students competed against 2200 other students at the...  Read More »

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Mustangs win Sweepstakes at UIL District Meet

Cecilee Echols, UIL Coordinator

The CHS UIL Academic Team competed in their District meet this  weekend at Texas Tech...  Read More »

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UIL team wins sweepstakes at Mansfield

This past weekend the CHS UIL Academic Teams traveled to Mansfield, TX to compete in th...  Read More »

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Softball season arrives at Coronado

Softball season arrives at Coronado

Reagan Warren, For Mustang Media

The 2016 Coronado softball season has just begun and the Lady Mustangs are off to a great start. Coronado...  Read More »

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On the road to playoffs

On the road to playoffs

Bela Ramirez, For Mustang Media

On Tuesday February 23, 2016, the Coronado Varsity boys basketball team played for the Bi-District title...  Read More »

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Alley OOP to the hoop

Alley OOP to the hoop

Bela Ramirez, For Mustang Media

As Friday the 15th of January 2016 approached, the Mustang Boys Varsity basketball team began preparing...  Read More »

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Senioritis hits CHS

Jordan Stice, For Mustang Media

Well seniors we are almost there.  We have just a few more weeks left until we walk across the stage. First semester is over, done with and we are starting to feel sluggish and are constantly asking the...  Read More »

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One day at a time

May 1, 2016



May 1, 2016

"There's a lot of joy, but you also see girls here stomping their feet because they didn't get the dress they wanted,"says Carolyn Zinni, owner of Zinni's of Philadelphia in Delaware County, on Dec. 15, 2015. (Steven M. Falk/Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS)

Say “yes” to the dress

February 14, 2016

Aca-Deca moves to state

Samantha Hallier

Coronado Mustangs have a long history of representing their school across many different activities and competitions, and the Academic Decathlon team has kept that tradition...  Read More »

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