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Batman v. Superman – Review

Courtney Gragson, Media Director

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of the many superhero movies that have been long anticipated by fans. However, the response from fans and critics has been extremely mixed. The fans overall have had a very positive response to the movie, while critics have rated it fairly poorly. The popular movie rating website, Rotten Tomatoes, shows fans rating the movie at a 70%, while critics put the film at a meager 28%. Criticisms stem from the lost potential for a stronger storyline to the performance of Batman’s actor, Ben Affleck.


One criticism said Superman’s character was boring, as his storyline centered solely on the question of the morality surrounding his actions and vigilantism. Another mentions the character of Wonder Woman as just a placeholder until her bigger roles in later films, the only scenes with her in dressing her character for later use. And some note that the extended buildup made the eventual battle between the two uperheroes more of a series of misunderstandings.


Although the movie has garnered mixed reviews, there are still some very great aspects to the movie. The film begins two years after Superman’s battle with Zod which devastated the city of Metropolis, destroying much of the city in the process and resulting in many casualties. The loss of life left many feeling angry and helpless, including billionaire Bruce Wayne as one of his corporate buildings became destroyed during the battle, killing many of his close friends and employees. This prompts Batman to believe that Superman is a threat to all humanity, along with many others as the American society begins to question the lawful credibility of Superman’s actions. Batman begins planning his attempt to finally put an end to Superman’s reign on Earth. In the meantime, super genius and vengeful Lex Luthor begins his own crusade to end the Man of Steel by going back to Superman’s origins. The climax of the story leads to a battle of epic proportions and the movie even hints at the introduction of other beloved superheroes involved in a plot set further into the future.
All in all the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is an amazing piece of cinema artistry and takes its time fleshing out the epic story of some of America’s favorite superheroes and lays the groundwork for many more stories to come.

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Batman v. Superman – Review