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Halloween Fun!

Megan Rocha

Drum Majors Brittney Dean, Devin Jones, Christine Saso, and Patrick Harwell laughing

Megan Rocha, Reporter

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BOO! Halloween is right around the corner. Many high schoolers like to go out and have fun but most people don’t think it’s appropriate to go tick-or-treating any more at our age. We don’t have silly class parties like we did in elementary. High school is all about having fun and being with the people you love and have a great time with friends.

When people hear fall they think of football, sweaters and Halloween. Brittney Dean, one of the four drum majors, is part of the Coronado band and she said that the games are fun and he really enjoys the football season as she gets to march and conduct part of the half time show.

“Getting to go out and see the lights on the field and have the crowd cheer and chant for the team and just get together is really fun. The stands are fun to play in as the band and drumline gets the students pumped up,” she said

Sure Halloween isn’t a big holiday that gets the students out of school but that doesn’t stop students from celebrating. People would want to throw parties for friends but have no idea what to do.

Vince Rodriguez, a junior at Coronado, doesn’t like to go out. He always just throws a small get together at his house and invites his friends. There are many ways of having fun on Halloween. Go to the movies and watch a scary ghost movie or even rent one to watch with your friends.

“It’s fun, we always go rent a scary movie or even get one off of Netflix and pop popcorn and sit around the TV in the dark and let the suspense take over,” Vince said.

Every year Lubbock hosts a haunted house called nightmare on 19th. Many students work with a cast or you can go and have a fright night. The haunted house isn’t just for rebel teenagers that are wanted to get a good scare but adults and the daring little kids could go too, it’s open for everyone.

Several students go to the corn maze getting lost in corn at night is a great time to spend with friends. The corn maze always has a different path each year. This year is the corn maze is making its design in honor of the Wizard of Oz. The maze isn’t the only thing to do there. They provide campfires that you could go and make s’mores, cook hot dogs on sticks and just sit by the campfire under the stars. They also have hayrides to take a ride around and relax out in the country.

Throw a costume party and invite people to come dressed up as their favorite books characters or scary movie person. Spirit Halloween store is a big place where people could go, along with Party City and Party Plus. Sprit has all types of costumes and home decorating things to scare your neighbors or just to make your house be in the more ‘spooky Halloween’ feeling. Costumes don’t have to be fancy or bought at a store you can just make one at home with the things you already have and it’s a great way to save money, too.

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids then you could even stay home and help pass out candy to the little trick-or-treaters that come by. Tiny kids have the most fun out the whole aspect of it. You could even find an organization or church that is having a ‘trunk or treat’ or something that they put on and could help them run stations and is good services hours. There are many ways to having a blast on Halloween.


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Halloween Fun!