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Seniors: College Essentials

Seniors: College Essentials

Heaven Rossette, Staff Writer

March 22, 2019

Whether you're heading to college or sending a child off, pick up these essentials for dorm living.  Bedroom Alarm clock So you can make that 8 a.m. History class. Bed linens Bring your own comforter, sheets, and pillows. You may want to have two sets of linens—laundry ten...

Senior Checklist

Senior Checklist

Autumn Laine Hoskins, Editor-in-Chief

March 21, 2019

Hey seniors, it is getting to that time of year where we have no energy and senioritis is at its highest. This is the time of year where we tend to forget about important things that we have to get done in order to graduate and go to college. So here is a checklist of things that you should get done...

Are you ready class of 2019?

Mustang Student Media, Staff

October 9, 2018

Class of 2019 before you know it the school year will be over and you will celebrate a year of hard work. Before that can happen, here is a list of things provided by the school 12th_Grade_Check_sheet_2018-19counselors to help make sure you are on the journey to success....

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