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Music speaks

Jordan Stice, For Mustang Media

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Music,  its everywhere.  It’s on when you shop, in the car, in movies and TV shows, and on the internet. Today is truly a digital age; we no longer have to go buy music, because we can stream it. Spotify and Pandora are just two online radio stations. This gives us the ability to put headphones in and block out the world any place and any time.  But not in class!

With the easy accessibility to this massive audience, artists are reaching out and giving us their views and their stances. Rap for example is the acronym of rhythm and poetry. Who knew, I thought it was just words on a fast pace stating the day’s thrills.  It’s not, it means so much more to many it takes a stance on issues in the public.
Kendrick Lamar’s new album To Pimp A Butterfly has the overall theme of leadership, Macklemore and Ryan’s Lewis Same Love brings attention to the LGBT community.

Rap isn’t the only genre that tells a story, that makes us feel something. Singer Songwriters like Ed Sheeran and The Passengers grab our attention with a different and personal style, they force us to look at things in a different light.

We listen to music when we are in all kinds of moods. We look to music to tell us it’s okay that I’m not okay or perfect, to help us get hyped before game, to show us our past our history, and to make feel good, happy.

Music is universal, it has different meanings but it makes us feel something, it informs us, it is a call to action.

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Music speaks