DIY Valentines Bath Bombs

Avana Wierzba

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1 Cups Citric Acid
2 Cups Baking Soda
2 tbsp Cornstarch
1 oz shea butter or coconut butter (melted)
5-6 drops Essential Oil of Choice
1-2 Drops Red Food Coloring (optional)
Spray bottle of Witch Hazel

*If you have a manicure, wear gloves, or use a fork during the mixing process.
In a mixing bowl combine cornstarch, citric acid and baking soda, being sure to remove all lumps.
Add in Red food coloring, melted butter and essential oil and continue to mix.
Using your spray bottle, spray the mixture 2-3 times and mix, slowly adding more witch hazel until the mixture holds it shaped when pressed together.
Press into silicone heart molds, making sure to compact them tightly.
Allow to dry in silicon molds for 12 hours. Once 12 hours is up, remove from molds, and allow to dry an additional 24 hours for a nice hard bath bomb.
Put in a mason jar or other container of your choosing
Give to your Valentine!

To Use:
Break bath bomb under running water for a nice fizzing and relaxing bath.

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