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AP testing is here

Mason Carroll, Managing Editor

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It’s that time of the year again. When everything you’ve been taught all year will be put on major test. That major test can determine if you get college credit for your year of extra hard work. Sounds scary right? It’s not as bad as it sounds.

AP testing can be stressful and overwhelming for any student. However, if you prepare and approach the test the right way you can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

So why should you take an AP test in the first place? If a student makes a 3 or higher on their AP test, they can get college credit for that subject. Instead of paying $1000 or more to take a class in college, you can pay 90 dollars for a test to give you the same credit.

There is a lot of pressure for a student taking an AP test. They have to pull out everything they have learned all year for one long test. It can be horrifying.

One major key to making sure you get the grade that you want is to study early. Instead of cramming the night of the test, start studying a couple of weeks before. It will give you time to cover everything that was taught the entire year and allow you to take your time studying and focus on what your leaning.

If you are not great at studying by yourself then find a friend or group of friends to study with. Everyone wants to pass the test and study groups are a great way to get other people’s knowledge on material you might have forgotten.

Sometimes there can be something that you don’t quite remember and what to make sure you get it right. Ask your teacher. They want you to do your best on the AP test and will not mind at all if you have any questions about something you need help with.

The night before the big test it is extremely important to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Staying up late to do last minute studying can be one of the worst things for a student. They will be tired, unfocused, and likely forget everything they stayed up to study. Getting your sleep is very important.

It is always a great idea to eat a healthy breakfast the morning before the test. Eating a healthy breakfast will fuel you through the test and help you stay awake and not get tired or hungry.  Although if you normally don’t eat breakfast and are worried eating a big breakfast may hurt your stomach, stick to something light or just some orange juice.

The key to acing your AP exam is to not stress out. It can be very hard not to, but if you spend all your time stressing out you won’t be focused on your test.  Just have confidence in yourself and the material you have learned and do the best you can.  You can do this!

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AP testing is here