The Journey to State


The Lady Mustang soccer team has made their mark this season. Starting off with becoming district champions by going undefeated with an outstanding record of 14-0. With already winning three playoff games, the team has their mindset on state. The work that the young ladies are putting in is what is keeping them going. Knowing that the team does have the potential and talent to make it to state, they are continuing to prosper each day. But it isn’t just about practice, the girls have to know and trust that on and off the field, the team has each others backs.”This year the team has really grown to be a family”, senior Kierra Dominguez said. Dominguez has been on the varsity squad since she was a freshman and has witnessed the program grow into what it is today. “I really do believe that we have the potential to make it to state. We all know our mind is on the same thing, and that is getting that trophy,” Dominguez said. With all the rough patches the last couple of seasons, this group of young ladies have made a difference the past two years.

Last season the ladies won the district title, with coming up short in only two games. Despite that, the team brought back four golden balls to Coronado. For the first time in 12 years, the ladies managed to beat a very respected Monterey girls soccer team. The team managed to make it to the regional quarter-final championship before coming up short to Grapevine in the semifinals. “Every since we lost that game, something clicked inside of us. We knew that we deserved to win and that we will be back next year and we’re coming for blood,” sophomore Lexi DeLacruz said. “Caldwell was the only person who believed in us when nobody else did. I truly believe that is the reason why we are so successful.”  Alistair Caldwell is the head girls soccer coach accompanied by Casey Felton.

Everybody on the team plays a big role on how far the team has come.  With a total of four Athlete of the Week nominations, including freshman Charolette Pohel,  sophomores Kyrstyn Dominguez and Lexi DelaCruz, and senior Heaven Rossette. The team does not plan on stopping any time soon.

The Lady Mustangs continue their road to state Friday, April 12 against Centennial in Wichita Falls at 3 pm.