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A tribute to Becky

Emily Shafer

Avanna Wierzba, For the Coronado Crest

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Something that makes Coronado so special is the saying “Once a Mustang, always a Mustang” Especially for ’76-’77 CHS alumni, Becky Heady Carpentiere.

        Pancreatic cancer is not something that occurs often, with only under 200,000 cases per year. Unfortunately, Becky is one of them.

        “She is still fighting,” Coronado diagnostician Ms. Ansley said. “She doesn’t want to accept the diagnosis.”

Ansley went to Coronado with Becky 1976 and 1977. Recently, Ansley re-connected with Becky’s husband Tony through Facebook and saw one of their last requests for her.

        “I felt that because I was at Coronado when she was here, and because I now work here, I was in a unique position to make that happen for her” Ansley said. “It’s kind of that Once a Mustang Always a Mustang.”

        A ceremony was held for Becky after school on August 26.   The band played and bubbles and balloons were released in her honor- one of her last requests.

        “I felt like time was of the essence to make that happen for her while she was still here,” Ansley said. “I thought it would be something so small on our behalf that’d be so huge to her.”

        As the sweet melody of the Alma Mater played, and bubbles and balloons floated alongside green balloons, you could see the school coming together as one to commemorate one of its own.

Once a Mustang, Always a Mustang.

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A tribute to Becky