Grammy Nomination Round Two


Autumn Laine Hoskins, Editor-in-Chief

Coronado band director, Joshua Shaw is as humble as humble gets.

Shaw is up for the Grammy Music Educator Award for the second year in the row; except this time he is in the semifinals for the 2019 award.

“It is very humbling to even be nominated. Honestly, I’d rather just kind of be in a corner somewhere applauding people I’ve helped be successful,” Shaw said. “I don’t enjoy the spotlight like that, but to be able to put a bright light on the district and on our campus and on our kids who have worked so hard, that is what it means to me; is that they get recognition for what they do.”

For Shaw it is not about what he is going to gain, but rather what others are going to gain.

“It is not about winning and getting a trophy to me. It is the ability to be able to bring something back to these kids for them to be proud of,” Shaw said. “I want those kids to be proud to say ‘Hey, Mr. Shaw is my band director!’ I want them to have something to kind of boast about and be able to say that they are proud to be a part of Coronado High School and the Coronado band.”

Last year, Shaw made it to the quarterfinals for the Grammy. When Shaw got an email saying he was nominated again this year, he did not feel a point to do anything different.

“When I found out I was a quarter finalist they made us submit a bunch of materials. They came and videoed the band, we put together a video, and then we submitted it,” Shaw said. “Then we got an email this year that asked if we could submit again and so we just turned everything back in the same way.”

Shaw has been directing band at Coronado for 10 years. Throughout the years his favorite part is being able to see students come in one way and leave a different way.

“I started off as a physical therapy major, but one day a band director friend of mine called me and asked me to come teach his drumline,” Shaw said. “I told him that I did not know anything about drumline, but he said he would teach me. So I went over there and learned and never looked back.”

After taking a chance and stepping outside of what he knew, Shaw found his true calling; being a band director.

“I loved every minute of it, loved seeing the look on the kids faces when they accomplished stuff they never thought they could, how much joy they got out of playing music, and how much I got out of teaching and playing with them,” Shaw said. “I changed my major that summer and never looked back.”

Now Shaw is on his 15th year directing band, changing his student’s lives one day at a time.