Candy Corn Popcorn Recipe

If you love Halloween and Halloween themed snacks, pick up the following ingredients and make this easy and delicious candy corn popcorn. If you’re feeling spicy melt some white chocolate and make this popcorn into a bark.
The ingredients you will need are:
⅜ Cup of popcorn kernels
3 tbsp. butter
¾ cup of candy corn
1 heaping tbsp. of brown sugar
¼ tbsp. salt
¼ tbsp. vanilla extract
⅓ Cup of chocolate chips (optional)
Steps to complete:
1. Heat pot over medium heat and add butter
2. Pop the popcorn–add 1/8 cup popcorn to a paper bag, fold the top over twice and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Take the popcorn out when you can count to two between pops. Or pop and unbuttered and unsalted bag of plain popcorn following the bag instruction
3. Pour popcorn in a large bowl and do the next round of popping (three times total). Skip this step if using bagged popcorn
4. Pour candy corn liquid over top of popcorn
5. Spray spatula or stirring utensil with cooking spray and stir popcorn mixture
6. Pour candy corn coated popcorn on a greased cookie sheet to let cool
7. After candy coated shell has cooled and softly hardened pour popcorn to a bowl and add extra candy corn or chocolate chips if desired

Candy Corn Popcorn