Setting up for success

Heaven Rossette , Staff Writer

The Lady Mustang volleyball team has been working hard to have an even better season than they did last year. The Lady Mustangs currently have 25 wins and 11 losses and made it into the play-offs again this season.

“ We’ve had a rough start, but we’ve really grown throughout the season,” Senior Emily Munoz said. “We have learned from our mistakes and have become a better team each and every day.”

With becoming a better team, also comes being a family. The Mustang volleyball team is program that is tight-knit and focuses on making sure all players have a bond. Making memories is a regular for the girls, it sets them apart from all opposing teams.

“ The best memories I have are from our team dinners. We play many ridiculous games that make us look funny,” Munoz said. “ There was one time where we had to put pantyhose over our heads with a ball in it and try to knock over water bottles. To this day this is the funniest thing I have endured with my team!’’

Making memories is a key point in making any sport season fun, especially when it is with friends.

“My favorite part about playing volleyball is being able to play the sport I love with the people I love,” said Munoz. “Being a family and making memories on top of that, is just a plus!”

When the Lady Mustangs are at home, the hype is even more real for them.   

“The best thing about playing at home is all your friends and family are there,”Munoz said. “We get way more excited about showing out for them.”

Game rituals and the pre-game pump ups are a must for the Mustangs. The girls like to hype themselves up so they can get out the pre-game jitters out.

“We always do the “We are the Mustangs” chant, and it gets us pumped up and ready to go play.” Said Munoz.

Senior year is the year to make a mark on a program.  It is a milestone that may be remembered for a while.

“It has been a great season, and I have made life long friends and memories that are priceless. I definitely think that we made our mark this year.” Said Munoz.