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Yo! My name is Shayden McGrew, I go by Cat for some odd reason. Some of the things I like are art, practicing my piano, playing with my weirdo dog, Ruckus, playing video games, or writing. I started drawing around the age 12 and my teachers would tell me that I can draw well, but I never did believe them, which is weird. Some other things about me, I am really shy and I don’t know exactly why, but i just am.I want to go to any kind of college in Seattle, Washington. Hopefully, I major in photography or something to do with arts. I chose Seattle because it’s my dream place to live, I guess you could say. I’m really shy, but I love meeting new people and making new friends. I absolutely love traveling all sorts of places. I’ve been to Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. In the near future I plan on traveling outside of those states and other continents.

Cat McGrew, Reporter/Photographer

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