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Five reasons why you shouldn’t stress before break

Cat McGrew, For the Coronado Crest

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Christmas break is around the corner! Who cannot wait to get out for a whole two weeks? To come into school with it being a whole new year?

I know I am ready. There are some good things and also downfalls of this upcoming break, and I am here to list reason why you shouldn’t stress.

Finals. Oh yay, she’s talking about finals, of all things. Yes, I know! We all hate finals. But guess what? once you do them, they’re gone. No aquí más! Never seeing them again until the end of school. That is definitely a plus. Study hard for your finals so you won’t have to worry about anything else, school wise, until January!

Christmas Shopping. Some of us have a love-hate relationship. This message is to the ones who absolutely love christmas, and/or Christmas shopping. What should I get for mom? What about dad? What about Nana? No need to stress! With the help of your buddy o pals and family members casually asking them what they want for christmas, you’re job is already done! Stay safe for the shopping, watch out for sales, and stay away from shopping fights. For the ones who absolutely hate christmas shopping, stay warm inside and watch people fight for Billy’s new nerf gun for $5 in Walmart.

Family. Having a family gathering is so awkward, isnt it? Seeing that one mom’s-cousins-uncle you’ve never met in your life claiming to have last seen you when you were “this big”. Don’t try to avoid anyone, especially your grandmother you haven’t seen in ages. She might pull you by your ear and give you the speech (not recommended).

Presents. Gifts are the best thing about this month. Why are you stressin’ man? Santa’s coming and you’re getting presents, be happy!


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Five reasons why you shouldn’t stress before break