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The perfect dress

Courtney Gragson, Mustang Media Staff

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From the left: Kassidy Cockrell, Fallon Huff, Angelica Tribble, Courtney Gragson. Coronado juniors dressed to impress.

Prom season is just around the corner, and with it comes “promposals,” nail appointments, tux fittings, and of course, dress shopping. While many television shows and movies present dress shopping as a montage full of giggling girls dancing in their different colored dresses in front of a mirror, most people who have gone dress shopping know this to be a work of fiction viewed through rose-colored glasses. Many girls can attest to the fact that dress shopping is riddled with sweating after fitting into ten or more dresses and a road trip around town or even to another city to try and find the perfect dress.


While Coronado prom is May 6th, many of the girls who are planning to attend have already started looking for, or have even bought, their perfect dress. However, the process is different for everyone. While some took trips to different cities, such as Dallas, others stayed local, and some have still yet to find one. Kaitlyn Richey, a senior at Coronado High School, mentioned how her search had been much harder this year. “This year I didn’t find anything that felt right the first time. I went to Bella’s on 50th street, and I came back a couple of weeks later once they had gotten more dresses in, and it was the first one I tried on!”


Some have not been so lucky to find one in the first place they look though, like Kassidy Cockrell  and Fallon Huff. “I visited my dad’s coworker who had some dresses from when her daughter went to school, and my mom and I agreed on some ‘maybe’s’,” Cockrell said of her search, however it didn’t end there. “She also mentioned a dress shop close by, Bliss, so my mom and I decided to take a visit. We asked if they had a discount rack and they pulled a few off for me, and that’s when I found it!”  Huff has still had no such luck however, commenting that it’s difficult to, “find a dress that fits my body type and price point while also being my dream dress.”


When all’s said and done though, the journey, however different and difficult for everyone, is well worth it in the end. Keep your eyes out for those beautiful used dresses, the dresses in boutiques, or those in stores far and away from Lubbock. Happy shopping!

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The perfect dress