Senior Checklist

Senior Checklist

Autumn Laine Hoskins, Editor-in-Chief

Hey seniors, it is getting to that time of year where we have no energy and senioritis is at its highest. This is the time of year where we tend to forget about important things that we have to get done in order to graduate and go to college. So here is a checklist of things that you should get done as soon as possible:


  1. Decide which college is best for you and commit.
  2. Make sure your FASFA is up to date with everything; especially the college you want to go to.
  3. Once you decide on you college, send your final transcript.
  4. Always be applying for scholarships, you never know what you may get.
  5. Sign up for student orientation with your college.
  6. Make sure you take the TSI so your college knows what classes are best for you.
  7. Start preparing for finals and AP tests.
  8. Make sure that you have everything you need to for your college in order to go in the fall.
  9. Don’t forget to get your meningitis shot. You have to have this in order to go to college.
  10. Make sure to apply and pay for housing at your college campus. If you’re not gonna live on campus start looking at apartments and prices for rent.
  11. Start planning for graduation and beginning of college. What are you gonna wear? Are you gonna have a graduation party? What will your dorm room look like? What do you need to get for your dorm room? Etc…
  12. Make sure you are reaching out to your college roommates. It never hurts to get to know them before you move in together!


Don’t forget to enjoy your last couple of months in high school. They are important and are something you will always look back on.


P.S…. 66 days until graduation (43 school days). Have a great day, Mustangs!