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Staff report

January 13, 2017No Comments

Senior Katy Zimmerman is a finalist in the statewide Take Care of Texas video contest. She participated as...

Avanna Wierzba, For the Coronado Crest

September 8, 2016No Comments

Something that makes Coronado so special is the saying “Once a Mustang, a...

May 6, 2016No Comments

Student Body Officers 2016-17 Student Body President Brian Lin Student Body Vice...

February 6, 2017

Congratulations to the Swimming and Diving teams for an amazing regional championship!! In...

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Coronado Softball

Cat McGrew, Mustang Media Staff

April 13, 2017No Comments

Everyone has something that pushes them forward, for Coronado’s softball players, the motivation is their dedication to the team. Being a freshman and being new to high school softball must be a big change.   “Batting cages are one of the things that helps us get involved and better....

Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?

Niss Olmos, For Mustang Media

October 6, 2016No Comments

Walking out on the court hand in hand with your teammates ready to defeat the opposing team. Warming...

Mustangs cross Bulldogs off the list

Mustangs cross Bulldogs off the list

Shaydon Bonner, Photo Editor

August 27, 2016No Comments

The varsity football team started their season with a thrilling win against the Plainview Bulldogs Thursday...

Courtney Gragson, Mustang Media Staff

April 13, 2017No Comments

Prom season is just around the corner, and with it comes “promposals,” nail appointments, tux fittings, and of course, dress shopping. While many television shows and movies present dress shop...

Winter Music to warm the soul

December 12, 2016

Five reasons why you shouldn’t stress before break

December 5, 2016

Mustang Prep Camp

July 12, 2016

Mason Carroll, Managing Editor

May 5, 2016No Comments

It’s that time of the year again. When everything you’ve been taught all year will be put on major test. That major test can determine if you get college credit for your...

The news site of Coronado High School
The news site of Coronado High School